SU launches investigation into reported anti-Semitic, sexually inappropriate comments

After learning of possible anti-Semitic and sexually inappropriate comments made by members of Student Union, SU President and senior Kenneth Sng filed a report to the Office of Campus Life and the Constitutional Council Monday.

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University should be cognizant of investigation procedures and impacts

With the recent reinstatement of the men’s soccer team following a Washington University investigation into allegations of derogatory statements made by the men’s team toward the women’s team, there are still many questions that must be answered moving forward. While we commend the University for acting swiftly and efficiently in the investigation process, we caution them against acting passively from here on out.

Judicial Affairs completes investigation into men’s soccer team

The Office of Judicial Affairs has completed its investigation into allegations of misconduct and inappropriate behavior by the men’s soccer team, with an official resolution likely coming before the end of the month.

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Gunshots allegedly fired near University Terrace

University City police are investigating about 10 gunshots allegedly fired by the corner of Interdrive and Clemens Avenue Sunday evening. Police would not comment on the investigation, but nearby residents said the shots were fired in two bursts just before 9 p.m.

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Student Life investigates: The St. Louis Church of Scientology

In a blocky concrete building west of the Delmar Loop, Scientologists from St. Louis work to improve their spiritual lives and promulgate their message. Student Life went inside this temple, which most have seen, but few have entered.

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ZBT’s recognition suspended at national and campus levels

Due to multiple alleged infractions that occurred during the fraternity recruitment process this semester, Zeta Beta Tau fraternity’s recognition on both the University and national level is currently suspended pending further investigation.

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Medical school clears Kuklo of false-data charge

A Washington University committee has cleared former medical school researcher Timothy Kuklo of allegations that he falsified research in a military study, but found that he had engaged in other research misconduct.

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Amid FBI inquiry, Jeff Smith cancels class and mulls resigning Mo. Senate seat

Reports have surfaced that Washington University instructor and state Sen. Jeff Smith, D-St. Louis, could resign his seat amid a possible federal inquiry regarding his 2004 congressional campaign.

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