One Semester Later: First-years Answer the Same Questions

Through interviews at the beginning and end of the fall semester, four first-year students reflect on on their growth over their first semester of college.

| Junior Multimedia Editor

Taking the leap: Switching careers mid-pandemic

I took the plunge and applied, and it was in my first interview that I learned one of the greatest phrases of my career: “transferable skills.” Those two words have changed my life.

| Administrative & Academic Cluster Supervisor

A conversation with Larry Kindbom, part 1

This is the first half of a two-part interview with Washington University football head coach Larry Kindbom, who is retiring this season after 31 years coaching the Bears.

Dorian Debose and Miguel Campos | Sports Reporters

Dancing with the misfits: A conversation with Magic Giant

This Thursday, Feb. 21, Magic Giant will be performing at Off Broadway in St. Louis. In advance of their show, Student Life caught up with Li before the band began their sound check in Detroit.

Jonah Goldberg | Contributing Writer

How to interview your way into everyone’s hearts

Hey there, hi there! Instead of food, today I will give you some advice on how to improve your chances when you are job hunting in college.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Q&A with the All-American Rejects

Before the spring WILD opener went on Friday, I sat down with the founders and frontmen of the All-American Rejects, singer Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler.

| Music Editor

A tour bus conversation with Atlas Genius and Skylar Grey

An unlikely pairing of music acts, Atlas Genius and Skylar Grey joined forces in a North American tour, sponsored by the clothing store Journeys. Both artists have shared in success from their respective freshman albums.

| Film Editor

Offstage: An interview with CHERUB

Before the spring concert last Thursday, I sat down with CHERUB duo Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Don’t believe the album title—you’ll love the Frights’ new record

Impossibly catchy melodies, memorable lyrics that hit home, a ceaseless and infectious energy and the courage to try just about anything – the Frights’ new record, “You Are Going to Hate This” (produced by Zac Carper of FIDLAR), has all these things in spades. It’s hard to say exactly which song you’ll be humming as you walk to class after listening to this album, but, rest assured, you will be humming and you won’t be able to stop.

Alberto Nissim | Contributing Writer

Smallpools lights up the Gargoyle

The crowd was starting to get edgy after over an hour of generic dance music from opener Hotel Garuda (a whisper in the crowd asked, “Has this all been one song?”), when suddenly the Gargoyle finally plunged into full darkness. Startled back into awareness, students cheered as Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” began to echo throughout the small space.

| Music Editor

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