“Sexual Political Economies of Slavery and Abortion” Lecture

Professor Adrienne Davis speaking in her lecture. Screenshot courtesy of Chloe Carlish*   As part of the new “Politics of Reproduction” course, law professor Dr. Adrienne Davis led a guest lecture, “Sexual Political Economies of Slavery and Abortion,” on Sept. 19. In the lecture, Davis draws comparisons between antebellum fugitive slave laws that allowed for […]

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An atheist’s experience at Lutheran Campus Ministry

It wasn’t a conversion experience, and it didn’t need to be. I was content enough to learn about a religion and group I knew little about — to replace my own expectations of rigidity with real, complex and kind people of faith. 

| Senior Forum Editor

After organizing antisemitism panel, WU sophomore reflects on intentional dialogue and intersectionality

Roughly 120 viewers attended the panel, which featured a handful of Jewish speakers discussing issues ranging from the historical roots of antisemitism to the whitewashing of the Jewish community. Student Life sat down with sophomore Orly Einhorn to discuss her motivations for organizing the panel and what she took away from it.

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Disrupting whiteness at the Women’s March on St. Louis

The idea of a women’s march is great and all, but the controversies surrounding the march’s lack of intersectionality—both on a national and local level—left a bad taste in my mouth. My decision to attend was last-minute.

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Laverne Cox discusses transgender issues, race, class, gender and intersectionality to packed crowd

Students filled Graham Chapel to see Laverne Cox deliver the keynote address for Trans* Awareness Week in one of the highest-turnout events Pride Alliance members say they have ever hosted. Cox, advocate and actress in “Orange is the New Black,” spoke about transgender issues as well as the intersectionality of her identities and how they have affected her life.

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