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‘An inherent inequality’: Law School report highlights environmental racism in St. Louis

Within conversations about climate change, little focus is placed on how marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by its negative environmental impacts. Alarming statistics published in a new report by the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic (IEC) at the Washington University School of Law shed light on environmental disparities that affect the lower-income and/or Black communities of St. Louis.

Marc Ridgell | Contributing Writer

WU law clinic helps to fight proposed coal ash landfill

The Washington University community has taken a leading role in opposition to the creation of a coal ash landfill in Labadie, Mo.

| News Editor

WU law clinic forces change to EPA lead rules

The Environmental Protection Agency set new standards for airborne lead levels on Oct. 15 following legal action of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic at Washington University, on behalf of the Missouri town of Herculaneum. The Missouri Coalition for the Environment requested that the clinic (IEC) represent it in the case against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) […]

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