The curse of loving white people

Junior year we tried to go on, not talking about politics and trying to enjoy each other’s presence, but by senior year, I was deriding him as a bigot and he was dismissing me as a Social Justice Warrior. What little civility we shared was pushed to the brink by the election of Donald Trump.

| Senior Editor

Andrew Martin delivers what’s expected, but not deserved

While there is a brief mention of police violence, Chancellor Martin doesn’t delve into Wash. U.’s role in the maintenance of carceral institutions. There isn’t even a whisper about WUPD’s role in antagonizing Black students and community members.

| Senior Editor

The power of affirmation in healthcare experiences

As our interaction continued, the doctor insisted that what I was experiencing were symptoms of anxiety. When I told the doctor that I was not experiencing a period of anxiety, she responded, “that you know of.” I knew then that I would leave the hospital untreated.

| Editor-in-Chief

Criminal inequality and criminal justice: Current system in need of reform

In terms of audience turnout, this year’s Access to Equal Justice Conference at the Washington University School of Law was a rousing success. Even the overflow room was overflowing for The Ohio State University law professor Michelle Alexander, who has become arguably the nation’s foremost voice on American prisons and criminal justice inequality.

Affirmative action still needed in America

The national discourse on affirmative action is fanatically negative or intellectually inert or both. The latest iteration of the debate stems from University of Texas-Austin’s denial of admission to Abigail Fisher in 2008. UT has a “top ten percent” admissions guarantee—the college admits students from the top ten percent of every high school that ranks […]

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