WU researchers develop intranasal vaccine

WU researchers developed a COVID vaccine that was authorized in India on Sept. 6.

| Contributing Writer

Op-Ed: We Must Fight Authoritarianism in India

However, the recent protests against the CAA across 30 US cities show that there are still many who vehemently oppose the CAA and NRC, and see that the Modi government’s latest moves are paving the way to genocide.

Arushee Agarwal and Rohan Palacios | Class of 2020 and 2021

Diwali dazzles packed crowds

Bright colors and sitar-infused pop songs overwhelmed the stage in Edison Theatre before crowds of more than 500 people this weekend. Students in Ashoka danced alongside their peers in the twenty-third annual cultural production in celebration of Diwali, a traditional Hindu celebration of good’s triumph over evil.

| News Editor

India’s security problem

Much has been said about the horrors India saw late last week in Mumbai, where a series of coordinated terrorist attacks and hostage takings killed at least 188 and wounded nearly 300 others. Not enough of this discussion has been about the electoral implications. Indians will, in just a few short months, decide once more […]

| Staff Columnist

Gandhi wasn’t great

Oct. 2 was Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, an event celebrated widely both in India and around the world.

| Staff Columnist

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