On 21 Savage: A man’s life is far more than just memes

Just because 21 Savage is rich and famous does not make his situation any less tragic.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Op-ed submission: A call for sanctuary: Student letter to the administration

After a public show of support from faculty and graduate employees, students met with Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori White on Monday March 6. Our next scheduled meeting, when we expect to hear back about implementation, is March 23.

Concerned and affected students

Organizers push for WU to become a sanctuary campus following election

In conjunction with a growing national movement, a group of 30-40 demonstrators took to the Danforth University Center to call on the administration to make Washington University a “sanctuary campus.”

| News Editor

On fire and ice

I’d like to lodge a formal complaint against the University for failing to de-ice the Underpass properly. For weeks, I have been worried that one of the many menacing icicles dangling from its crevices might fall and pierce me on my way to class. (Hey, it happened on “Grey’s Anatomy.”) Fortunately this has not yet occurred; but there is a particularly slippery and hard-to-detect patch of ice where said icicles have melted.

| Forum Editor

Celebrating Obama, chain saw in hand

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if a Washington University sushi chef wields a chain saw in his free time. Luckily for students, sushi chef Naomi Hamamoto’s ice sculpting skill is now no secret—after he sculpted a life-sized bust of President Obama to commemorate Obama’s inauguration yesterday. Hamamoto, who goes by the nickname “Hama,” was trained […]

| Assignments Editor

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