human rights

Q & A: Reframing the conversation about gun control around human rights 

Law Professor Leila Sadat explains the significance of framing gun control as a human rights necessity.

| Editor-in-Chief

WU co-hosts gun violence crisis panel

The Washington University School of Law, the Washington University Institute for Public Health and the International Law Association hosted a conference on gun violence and human rights violations in the United States Nov. 2-3.

Noah Slaughter | Contributing Reporter

North Korean refugee, human rights advocate shares experience

Grace Jo, a North Korean refugee and the vice president of the nonprofit NKinUSA, spoke about her journey escaping from a North Korean village and her subsequent path to resettlement in the United States.

Swetha Nakshatri | Contributing Reporter

World Cup selection process needs fixing

International sporting organizations are not known for being the most transparent of organizations. The world’s two most well-known, the International Olympic Committee and FIFA, have long and storied histories, much of which has to do with the innate corruption of their location bidding processes.

| Staff Columnist

Student delegates explore global food issues at national conference

Juniors Susie Pasternak and Alaa Itani served as Washington University’s two delegates for the 9th annual Northwestern University Conference on Human Rights (NUCHR) last month. Undergraduate delegates from all across the country gathered in Chicago from January 19 to 20, for a national student conference on the current global food crisis.

| Contributing Reporter

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