Which stream(ing service) deserves your green?

Cable is dying, internet speeds are a hot topic for all and sharing your Wi-Fi password is a public symbol for who you actually love. With the massive success of Netflix, many streaming services have sprung up in order to capitalize on the growing market.

Matthew Wallace | Contributing Writer

The end of an era: Saying goodbye to ‘30 Rock’

I always circle back to watch my dear old friend: “30 Rock.” Now it’s days on Netflix are numbered.

| Senior Editor

TV review: ‘The Mindy Project’

The saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but what about when your network cancels your show and you move to Hulu? Was “The Mindy Project” “broke”? Should they have fixed it?

| TV Editor

Is the Internet really that great?

The Internet is great (really, really great), and it contains what might as well be an infinite supply of news and entertainment. Social media makes us feel like our preschool friends aren’t completely gone from our lives. Review aggregators tell us which movies to watch.

| Forum Editor

Netflix versus Hulu

Since the dawn of time, or maybe since the dawn of 2007, Netflix and Hulu have warred over your time on the Internet. Netflix leans on its subscription model, stellar catalogue and great recommendation engine, while Hulu is (soon to be “was”) free, has a smaller library and is great for watching recent TV episodes.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Internet television shifting from the public sphere to a privatized commodity

When I saw that Hulu took “Arrested Development” Seasons 2 and 3 off their site, I almost threw my computer out my window. After cooling down (by watching a Season 1 episode), I realized that this is just one instance where Internet television providers have started taking down videos because they do not receive enough revenue from them.

| Forum Editor

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