How to best avoid a former flame (insert fire emoji here)

What that poor, exhausted student failed to mention was the exaggerated Murphy’s Law effect Wash. U. has for those people you’ve seen less than fully clothed. Wash. U. is the perfect size to run into your former flame be they hook-up, ex, or just a Saturday night DFMO (“dance floor make-out,” for the uninitiated) on a much too consistent basis.

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What does your sexuality say about you?

1) Where do most of your hookups happen? a. In front of my laptop b. Zeta Beta Tau laundry room c. After marriage d. Against the bunny statue 2) What do you want in a sexual partner? a. At least five fingers b. A pulse, but it’s not a deal breaker c. A sweet personality d. Me 3) How would you describe yourself? a. Asymmetrically muscular b. Eh c.

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University Wi-Fi blocks student hookup website

A Walk In Lay Down-themed hookup website has been blocked from Washington University Wi-Fi after the Student Union president raised concerns that it promoted sexual assault. The student-created site, awildnight.

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A Pissy Night

n high school, I was on the Constitution team and my boyfriend looked like the dude with long hair from “Dazed and Confused.” When I got to Washington University, I was in heaven. There were smart, attractive guys everywhere and I was finally ready to spread my wings, become a woman and stop wearing my retainer during the day.

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Romance 101: Meet the parents

When we first start dating someone, we tend to see them as perfect—their bizarre habits become cute little quirks and their personal stories that might otherwise incite a yawn are instantly fascinating. All you want to do is spend every free minute with them, preferably making out. In short, it takes a lot to separate you from this incredible new person.

| Scene Romance Columnist

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