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Sex Survey 2011

A survey from your peers on their individual definitions and levels of experience when it comes to romance.

Hooking up: Professor Susan Stiritz sheds light on today’s sexual culture

We all wish that there was a universal understanding of what a hook up actually means, rather than perpetual mystery surrounding the subject. Professor Susan Stiritz is teaches a course this semester titled: “Hooking Up: Healthy Exploration or Harmful Exploitation?” which serves that very purpose.

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The change in relationships from high school to college

College is very different from high school—that is undeniable. It’s a new environment, there is more work, and everybody has more freedom. This includes, of course, freedom with respect to relationships, whether social or sexual. There are more parties, more alcohol and more people. Especially at the beginning of the year, when nobody knows each other and very few people are dating, brief sexual relations abound.

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Hooking up patterns vary among juniors & seniors

“Hooking up has many forms,” Professor Susan Stiritz said while reflecting on the results of one of her class’ surveys on casual romance.

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Romance 101: What not to do while hooking up

So you’re in college now—the big leagues. Between drinking and dorm rooms, university life contains a hook-up culture that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re planning on keeping your sexual morals or leaving them at home to make room in your suitcase for new lingerie, things are going to change, and it’s important to be prepared.

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