Staff Editorial: On homesickness and finding a sense of campus community

We as an editorial board have come up with a few tips in order to alleviate homesickness.

There’s no place like home: Carnaval 2019

This past weekend, the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) hosted Washington University’s 20th annual Carnaval at the Edison Theatre. The show simultaneously shed light on difficult realities facing the Latin American community and celebrated the vibrant, multidimensional Latinx culture. This year’s show was titled “Home.”

Madelyne Quiroz | Contributing Writer

Home is where the heart is

I like many others went home this past weekend for Thanksgiving break. I saw people I hadn’t seen in three months and generally spent a lot of time doing what I did during high school. I spent time with my family and friends and didn’t sleep nearly as much as I should have. Before I […]

| Staff Columnist

Don’t forget to help at home

The W.I.L.D. weekend was many things for many people. For some, it was a first chance to experience one of Washington University’s marquee social events.

| Staff Columnist

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