Holocaust survivor shares story of escape, resistance

Holocaust survivor Rachel Miller urged Washington University students to keep stories of the Holocaust alive at a Hillel event commemorating Kristallnacht Nov. 9.

Ellie Ito | Contributing Reporter

Holocaust survivor, WU alum to speak on religious tolerance

Dr. Eugen Schoenfeld, Washington University alumnus and Holocaust survivor, will discuss religious tolerance and the sociopolitical factors that led to the Holocaust in a lecture sponsored by the Chabad Student Association in Tisch Commons Monday at 5 p.m.

Emma Baker | News Editor

A Conversation With Niki Caro, director of ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’

Niki Caro’s new film “The Zookeeper’s Wife” came out over the weekend. Based on the bestselling book by Diane Ackerman, the film tells the true story of Antonina Zabinska (Jessica Chastain), who sheltered Jewish people in her Warsaw, Poland zoo during World War 2.

| Staff Writer

Holocaust survivor discusses American politics, experience in concentration camp

Anne Frank’s stepsister spoke about her time in hiding during the Holocaust, her year in Auschwitz and the current state of politics in America in College Hall Thursday.

| Staff Reporter

Holocaust survivor emphasizes individual accountability over abstractions

Holocaust refugee and former professor of nutritional biochemistry at Rutgers University Hans Fisher spoke Tuesday night about his experience escaping the Third Reich by boat in 1939.

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WU alum, Holocaust survivor talks hope, tolerance

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Chabad on Campus brought in Holocaust survivor Eugen Schoenfeld, who attended Washington University after being released from the concentration camp.

| Senior News Editor

Letter to the Editor: Horowitz ad part of First Amendment

Dear Editor, Last week, Studlife elected to run an ad by the David Horowitz Freedom Center on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Several editorials opined on the subject, and stated that they believed the paper erred in doing such.

Isaac Amon | Staff Columnist

Elie Wiesel to deliver Commencement address

Holocaust survivor, human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel will deliver the Commencement address, Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced Tuesday evening. The Commencement will take place at 8:30 a.m. on May 20 in the Brookings Quadrangle. The ceremony will be the University’s 150th commencement. Wiesel will receive an honorary degree from the University.

| Editor in Chief

Freedom is not free

When we typically think of Jewish response to the Holocaust, we envision the Jews, to use the traditional metaphor, as sheep being led to the slaughter. In many if not most cases, Jews did not actively, violently resist the systematic mass murder of their relatives, friends, and ultimately themselves. But resistance took many forms during the Holocaust.

| Staff Columnist

A day to remember righteous rescuers from the Holocaust

Stanlee Stahl, the executive vice president of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, will discuss the topic of Righteous Gentiles as the keynote speaker for the University’s observance of Yom Hashoah, the Day of Remembrance. In her speech, at 6 p.m. on Wednesday in Seigle Hall L006, Stahl plans to discuss the Righteous Gentiles, who were rescuers in Poland during the Holocaust.

| News Editor

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