Expert on Ukraine speaks about “An Unwinnable War” 

Political scientist Samuel Charap from the RAND Corporation spoke at Washington University about the Russia-Ukraine war and related foreign policy, in an event hosted by the Department of History on Wednesday, Feb 21.  

| Staff Writer

Dr. Manel Errando reveals how eclipses have shaped humanity

Dr. Manel Errando presented “Eclipses Through Time: Unveiling the Celestial Tapestry of Human History” as part of the Saturday Science Lecture Series on Saturday, Feb. 17. 

| Staff Writer

Professor Heather Cox Richardson speaks about the state of democracy from a historical perspective 

Professor, author, and historian Heather Cox Richardson delivered remarks and answered audience questions about the future of democracy in Graham Chapel, during an event held by the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics on Dec. 4. 

and | Managing News Editor and Staff Writer

Ari Joskowicz discusses Roma and Jewish history at Holocaust Memorial

Ari Joskowicz, author and Chair of Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University, reflected on Roma and Jewish history at an event titled “Roma, Jews, and the Holocaust,” the 2023 edition of the annual Holocaust Memorial Lecture in Umrath Lounge, Nov. 15.

| Senior News Editor

Americanist scholars discuss progressive activism in St. Louis

The University’s American Culture Studies program hosted an Americanist Dinner Forum on Zoom titled “Introducing ‘Left in the Midwest: St. Louis Progressive Activism in the 1960s and 1970s.’”

| Staff Writer

Celebrating Josephine Baker, a disrupter of ‘conventions and boundaries’

St. Louis-born Josephine Baker was the first woman of color to be entombed in France’s Panthéon for her work in the French Resistance during World War II. Chancellor Andrew Martin, Mayor Tishaura Jones and others took part in a Nov. 30 event to celebrate her life and legacy.

| Senior Scene Editor

Matt’s Musings: My thoughts on the election (spoiler: not good)

Tuesday should have resulted in a blowout election where the United States of America said in one voice, “We reject this fascist, the same as we did 80 years ago in Europe.” Instead, Trump finds himself a day later with a legitimate chance of reelection.

Matt Singer | Sports Columnist

Historical dramas to watch to pretend you don’t live in this cursed timeline

Binge these historical dramas to pass your time in quarantine and escape to a different time.

Lydia McKelvie | Staff Writer

Forgotten WU history that will make you nostalgic…or not

Since most people are gone in four years, there’s a very good chance that in eight years, notable events that happened in your time, will be a mystery to the current undergrads.

| Senior Scene Editor

The room where it happens: How Tumblr is reframing history

There is a subculture of history jokes and memes on Tumblr that follows these principles. In doing so, it is rewiring the mechanisms through which history is communicated and interpreted.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

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