A new year to fall down and laugh

I want to make this (Jewish) new year a time of no lost chances. If I try something and I fail or make a fool of myself, I get to look at it as a learning opportunity or a time to laugh. I don’t want to regret missed opportunities. 

| Senior Scene Editor

After organizing antisemitism panel, WU sophomore reflects on intentional dialogue and intersectionality

Roughly 120 viewers attended the panel, which featured a handful of Jewish speakers discussing issues ranging from the historical roots of antisemitism to the whitewashing of the Jewish community. Student Life sat down with sophomore Orly Einhorn to discuss her motivations for organizing the panel and what she took away from it.

| Senior Editor

‘Home away from home’: Campus religious organizations connect through virtual programming

When sophomore Scott Massey learned that students wouldn’t be returning to Washington University this semester, his immediate thought was to connect with his campus religious community. One of the main reform service leaders at Hillel, Massey quickly texted Rabbi Jordan Gerson to express interest in creating a form of worship experience over the internet.

| Senior Scene Editor

Holocaust survivor shares story of escape, resistance

Holocaust survivor Rachel Miller urged Washington University students to keep stories of the Holocaust alive at a Hillel event commemorating Kristallnacht Nov. 9.

Ellie Ito | Contributing Reporter

Holocaust survivor shares story with students through Hillel

Holocaust survivor Boris Kotler recounted his experiences living through World War II in occupied Poland at Hillel Saturday.

Curran Neenan | News Editor

Hillel hosts two Holocaust survivors

In remembrance of Kristallnacht, a two-day period of anti-Semitic violence that occurred during the Holocaust, Washington University and the University’s Hillel chapter held their annual Holocaust Awareness Week with a special keynote address given by Holocaust survivors Bob Geminder, 83, and Gabriella Karin, 87, Nov. 8.

| Senior News Editor

‘Laughter through the tears’: The first Shabbat at WU Hillel post-Pittsburgh shooting

Washington University students arrived at Hillel Friday night, less than a week after the fatal shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, just as they would any other Shabbat, excited to join their friends in prayer and a good meal. However, a few things were different.

Jaden Satenstein | Staff Writer

Students Against Israeli Apartheid protest Hen Mazzig talk

Students Against Israeli Apartheid protested a speech by Hen Mazzig, an event sponsored by Hillel and Washington University Students for Israel Monday, Oct. 29.

and | Senior News Editors

Campus responds to shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

Chancellor Mark Wrighton released a statement to the Washington University student body in an email later that afternoon. Twenty-two percent of the student body identifies as Jewish, according estimates by Hillel. In his statement, Wrighton directly characterized the attack as one driven by hate.

| Senior News Editor

Students write open letter, petition Hillel International to rescind endorsement of Trump nominee

Due to Kenneth Marcus’ policies on campus sexual violence, students wrote an open letter against his nomination.

| News Editor

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