Hillary Clinton

On time and conversation: Dealing with the results of last week’s election

Unexpected things often get in the way of these conceived, ideal schedules, kind of like the election of Donald Trump.

Lizzi Kehoe | Staff Writer

Op-ed submission: Looking forward

Like many of you, this election has shocked me to the core. It’s made me question some of the American values and freedoms we take for granted.

Noah Silverman | Student Union Senator

Candidate Profile: Hillary Clinton

With Doomsday fast approaching, choosing between these two candidates may seem like a daunting task. On one hand, you have Donald Trump, who has spouted a load of racist and sexist things, essentially condoned sexual assault (and has been accused by multiple woman of perpetrating it) and touts a resume filled with shady business practices and zero political experience.

| Senior Forum Editor

Election issue profile: Gun control

Some might argue that the elimination of our Second Amendment, I mean, er, gun control, is the most divisive and polarizing issue among voters.

Lizzi Kehoe | Contributing Writer

Staff list: What politically minded costume should you wear for Halloween?

In the spirit of Bad Things Nobody Wants To Talk About, our staff came up with a list of potential political costumes you can wear to a ~lit~ and probably nonexistent Monday-night party to ensure that everybody will hate you (more than they already do).

Forum Staff

How rhetoric has silenced politics

This year, Trump and Clinton’s disagreement goes beyond civic debate. They hate each other, but that hatred doesn’t stem just from their policies. This unprecedented hatred isn’t just political—it’s personal.

| Staff Writer

Election issue profile: Environmental issues

Somehow, we made it through debate season and barely touched one of the world’s most pressing issues: the environment! Without further ado, here is a look at the (in some cases, lack of) environmental policies of our presidential candidates.

| Forum Editor

Election issue profile: Terrorism

The topic of terrorism, and what our next president will do to combat it abroad and prevent it from happening at home, is a major concern. Our 2.5 candidates have some views worth looking at.

Lauren Alley | Contributing Writer

Election issue profile: Foreign policy

See where Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson stand on foreign policy in advance of the election.

, and | Forum Writers

Debate stand-ins prepare for WU-hosted presidential debate

Not many college students can say that they have stood in the same spot as a presidential candidate or had a hand in preparing the stage for a debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but four Washington University students were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to act as stand-ins for the candidates and moderators of Sunday night’s debate.

| Contributing Reporter

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