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Chabad expands High Holiday options

Washington University’s Chabad is increasing and streamlining its High Holiday offerings to make them more accessible to students. In addition to its traditional meals and Rosh Hashana evening service, Chabad is adding morning services on the Thursday and Friday after the holiday.

| News Editor

RE: “There is no free Shabbas dinner”

Dear Editor, I write to correct the portrait of Washington University’s new campus Rabbi, Andy Kastner that was painted in Norman Pressman’s unfortunate invective (Letter, September 8, 2010).

Andrew Rehfeld

Matisyahu set to entertain a large crowd

As of Monday evening, close to 600 guests have confirmed their attendance at Thursday’s “MATISYAHU” Assembly Series event inside Graham Chapel, which holds a maximum capacity of 750. The campus groups co-hosting the reggae, rock and hip hop-fusion American Hasidic Jewish artist Matisyahu also reserved May Auditorium in the Olin Business School as an overflow seating area.

| Contributing Reporter

Hillel to welcome new leadership with new year

The executive director of the St. Louis Hillel at Washington University, Michael Landy, resigned on Monday morning.

| News Editor

Nurture the spirit along with the mind

While you experience the breadth of college life, remember that the soul and spirit need to be developed as well as the mind. Do things that add meaning to your life. Our university, while embracing the diversity of religious life on campus, identifies itself as non-religious.

| Director of Chabad on Campus

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