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The power of affirmation in healthcare experiences

As our interaction continued, the doctor insisted that what I was experiencing were symptoms of anxiety. When I told the doctor that I was not experiencing a period of anxiety, she responded, “that you know of.” I knew then that I would leave the hospital untreated.

| Editor-in-Chief

The failings of WU’s health care system

“WUPD isn’t going to take me to the hospital any more.”

| Staff Writer

The Affordable Care Act: The Unaffordable Care Act

Over the years, the federal government has created a series of entitlements that, although occasionally successful, have consistently contributed to our ever-increasing debt obligations to be repaid by future generations.

College Republicans

The Affordable Care Act: Fulfilling the promise of healthcare

Although much has been made of the Affordable Care Act’s debut, especially the recent disappointments of, it is important to remember that the most far-reaching effects of the Affordable Care Act have been in place since its enactment in 2010.

College Democrats

Mitt Romney’s pre-existing Massachusetts condition

Last week on the Jay Leno Show, presidential candidate and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, while criticizing Obama’s comprehensive health care reform law, argued that those with preexisting conditions who have not previously had health care should not be entitled to coverage.

Alternatives to a mandate

Over the past few days, the Supreme Court has been hearing arguments in favor of and against the Affordable Care Act (more commonly known as Obamacare). Reading into the court’s opinion, and the direction it will swing when it releases its decision in June, is nearly impossible.

| Senior Forum Editor

WU to begin offering dual master’s degree in business, public health

Washington University will offer a dual master’s degree in business administration and public health starting in the fall of 2011. The graduate degree will combine classes and faculty from both the Olin Business School and the George Warren Brown School of Social Work.

| Contributing Reporter

The recent revolution hurting America

While the passage of health care reform makes significant changes, the new heightened level of public discourse is the more dangerous change in our country. Health care reform will change our nation in major ways. According to the Congressional Budget Office, health care reform will cut the deficit by $1,300,000,000,000. It will ensure that 32,000,000 more people will have health insurance.

| Staff Columnist

Conservatism and choice

So you just don’t want to pay for stuff for other people? That’s your hang-up with the health bill?” I’ve gotten this question many times. Many who do not share my political persuasions and don’t really understand them simply see universal health care as being, in my eyes, just something else I don’t want to be taxed for.

| Forum Editor

Health care reform financially self-defeating

Liberals in Congress and their citizen base are celebrating the passage of a landmark health care reform bill that they claim will make insurance affordable for Americans. If that is what the bill were to do, it would be less of an anathema. In reality, the cost of health care will not come down, but rather skyrocket.

| Staff Columnist

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