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Health care reform: Understanding the ACA without party politics

A few weeks ago, CNBC took a poll about health care reform. In the survey, 46 percent of individuals polled said they were opposed to “Obamacare.” Only 37 percent of individuals were opposed to the law when asked how they felt about the Affordable Care Act.

Elizabeth Peters | Contributing Writer

The recent revolution hurting America

While the passage of health care reform makes significant changes, the new heightened level of public discourse is the more dangerous change in our country. Health care reform will change our nation in major ways. According to the Congressional Budget Office, health care reform will cut the deficit by $1,300,000,000,000. It will ensure that 32,000,000 more people will have health insurance.

| Staff Columnist

Health care reform and you

A breakdown of the passage of the extensive health care bill which will bring coverage to millions of uninsured people and will most directly affect students by allowing them to remain on their guardians’ health insurance policy until 26.

| Senior News Editor

Why students should care about healthcare

16.2, 42, 46…The numbers are everywhere and the debate is now ubiquitous. The debate on the U.S. health care system, that is. Ever since President Obama ranked health care reform as a top priority, the contentious dialogue flooded in from left, right and center with a pessimistic outlook for agreement or compromise. The U.S. health […]

Srishti Mirchandani | Op-ed Submission

The Catch-22 of government health care

There has certainly been a lot of controversy regarding the government’s latest efforts to “reform” health care. Much of it is certainly deserved, as the American public feels that there’s been a lack of transparency regarding what exactly is in the currently proposed bill.

| Staff Columnist

Keep the change

As the nation considers much-needed health-care reform, we must seek to cure the disease of our health-care system and avoid treating its symptoms. Most would agree that the main problem with health care in America is the exorbitant costs involved. The free market has consistently been proven to be the most efficient vehicle for providing […]

Philip Christofanelli | Staff Columnist

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