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AST puts on a thrilling haunted house for Halloween

All Student Theatre made the Village Black Box into an interactive haunted house over the weekend.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

A liberal hellscape: A reluctant tour of Hillary’s House of Horrors

This weekend’s presidential debate was characterized by media swarming around campus, students holding up Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (or Krusty Krab Unfair) signs and protests forming on and off campus. You would think that after stepping off campus, you’d be able to escape the mass of chaos.

| Senior Scene Editor

Halloween in the STL: 2014 Edition

Halloween this year is on a Friday, so there is simply no excuse not to go out with friends, wear a super elaborate costume and have a great night. If you’re looking to get off campus this year, and the Top Shelf event at Harry’s really isn’t your scene, check out these St. Louis Halloween events, ranging from a world-class haunted house to Halloween parties all over town.

| Staff Writer

Haunted houses dot St. Louis area

St. Louis is home to some of the country’s best haunted houses—even if you don’t get a chance to go on the day of Halloween, the attractions will still be open this weekend. Here are Scene’s top picks for local fun and frights this weekend.

| Contributing Reporter

Baseball sweeps doubleheader to reach 20 wins

Kelly Field continued its run as a house of horrors for visiting teams as the Washington University baseball team ran its home winning streak to five and earned its 20th win of the season on Saturday.

| Sports Reporter

A night at the Lemp Mansion with a sorry excuse for the Mystery Gang

As a self-proclaimed ‘fraidy cat, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to spend a night in a haunted mansion with friends. I’m the girl who was afraid to be in a room alone after watching “The Others” and the Lemp Mansion in downtown St. Louis is rumored to contain much more than the spirit family of Nicole Kidman and company.

| Managing Editor

The Haps: Do you like scary movies?

Until recently, I thought I had what it takes to survive a horror film; I don’t answer the phone when I’m home alone, and I never go into a dark room if there seems to be no apparent reason for its lights not to work. However, The Darkness, a seasonal haunted house in Soulard, showed me otherwise. When chased by a man wielding a chainsaw, I will run to the nearest corner, curl up and unsuccessfully hide.

| Scene Columnist

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