Harvard professor speaks on climate change, global health

Harvard professor Joel Schwartz drew a crowd of over 100 to the Danforth University Center Thursday evening as he stressed the impact climate change would have on public health.

| Staff Reporter

Harvard professor discusses book, urban sociology in guest lecture

Six miles east of Brookings Hall in downtown St. Louis rests a 33-acre lot that has been vacant since 1976. Formerly the site of Pruitt-Igoe, an urban housing project built in 1954, but which became internationally known in later years for rampant poverty and racial segregation, the space has become an icon of failed urban renewal.

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Early offers to Harvard law school on the rise

As the last semester of college begins for the class of 2010, many seniors are making plans for after graduation, whether work, relaxation or further education. Among those planning to further their education, law school is one of many options.

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Educator on issues of sexual assault gives Q&A session

Students and faculty attended a QA with Susan Marine, the former sexual assault prevention and education coordinator at Harvard.

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