A refreshing demonstration of unity

Wednesday evening, students gathered in the DUC courtyard for a candlelight vigil and moment of silence to reflect on the recent violence between Israel and Hamas in and around Gaza. Many other universities around the country held similar vigils the same night.

Vigil stresses humanity over politics for Israel, Gaza

Both the Hebrew and Arabic words for peace come from the same root meaning “wholeness” or “togetherness.” About two dozen students on both sides of the Israel-Palestine ideological divide came together Wednesday evening to mourn the civilian casualties of the recent violence around Gaza in a candlelight vigil.

The right to self-defense

In the first presidential debate, President Barack Obama described the mission of government: “The first role of the federal government is to keep the American people safe. That’s its most basic function.

Joshua Zenilman | Class of 2013


In 2006, Hamas won a resounding victory in the first free elections to ever be held in the Palestinian territories. Israel, the United States and the European Union have long designated Hamas a terrorist organization, and displaying a stubborn refusal to negotiate, they responded by besieging Gaza. Vital humanitarian and medical supplies, as well as […]

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