6 Halloween costumes you can quickly throw together in a pinch

There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones who meticulously plan out their Halloween costumes starting in the summer and the ones who hastily throw something together at the last minute using whatever they can find laying around their room.

| Editor-in-Chief

It’s almost Halloween, and no, I will not shut up about it

There’s only one holiday you should care about right now, and that holiday is the “Eight Weeks of Halloween.”

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

Staff list: What politically minded costume should you wear for Halloween?

In the spirit of Bad Things Nobody Wants To Talk About, our staff came up with a list of potential political costumes you can wear to a ~lit~ and probably nonexistent Monday-night party to ensure that everybody will hate you (more than they already do).

Forum Staff

Spooky sweet: Vegan dessert recipes for Halloween

Enjoy my favorite recipes for fall-themed vegan treats that are appropriately spooky for late October, with ingredients that won’t make you scream.

Hanusia Higgins | Staff Writer

Safe Trick-or-Treat brings costumed children to campus

Safe Trick-or-Treat was not thwarted by threats of inclement weather, with families and Washington University students coming together to celebrate Halloween on the South 40.

| Contributing Reporter

Twenty One Pilots harmonize on All Hallows’ Eve

Amidst the darkness of Chaifetz Arena on this past Saturday’s misty Hallows’ Eve, many excited Twenty One Pilots fans sat awaiting a frighteningly fantastic musical experience.

| Staff Writer

A few Halloween tips from your friendly campus newspaper

As we all know from Facebook, Halloween is just around the corner. Ah, what a lovely time to hang up spooky decorations, bake those Pillsbury Halloween-themed sugar cookies that definitely don’t taste like glorified construction paper and stockpile candy corn. Also, what a lovely time to not wear a racist/sexist/transphobic Halloween costume that undermines the personhood of marginalized individuals.

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes

Halloween is nearly upon us, and for some of us—let’s be honest, a great majority of us—that means a last-minute scramble to find an easy Halloween costume. While many people think that means you have to rush to Target and shell out money on a lame, overdone costume like a witch or nurse, there are actually a lot of costumes that you can pull together from items you brought to college.

Lindsay Tracy | Contributing Writer

Halloween in the STL: 2014 Edition

Halloween this year is on a Friday, so there is simply no excuse not to go out with friends, wear a super elaborate costume and have a great night. If you’re looking to get off campus this year, and the Top Shelf event at Harry’s really isn’t your scene, check out these St. Louis Halloween events, ranging from a world-class haunted house to Halloween parties all over town.

| Staff Writer

Leave the Ray Rice jerseys, racial costumes at home this weekend

It’s 2014. Somewhere a misguided someone is heralding the end of racism and the beginnings of a post-racial society in which no one sees color. And somewhere, an equally misguided someone on Instagram is posting a photo of a young white child clad in a Ray Rice jersey, face smeared with brown makeup, a baby doll dragged behind him by the curls of her hair. It’s 2014 and apparently blackface and domestic violence are appropriate subjects to mock via a child’s Halloween costume.

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