WU prepares for more active flu season amid ongoing pandemic

Steve Lawrence, one of the University’s top infectious disease experts, said the flu season would be worse than last winter, when the number of flu cases across the country hit record lows, but he was not sure by how much. 

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More than medicine: The life of an EST member

WashU’s student-run Emergency Support Team is a tough organization to be in physically, academically and emotionally — but this is part of what helps the members bond so closely, according to EST Field Director senior Christine Kuehn.

| Contributing Writer

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 1: International students face difficulties accessing vaccines

Senior Multimedia Editor Kamala Madireddi discusses obstacles international students faced when accessing vaccines.

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‘Identify those interactions that they find to be the most valuable’: Doctor talks the pandemic, physical contact and the long-term effects of loneliness

With the light at the end of the tunnel growing brighter each day and the hope for a more typical year next fall, it’s important to remember that we are still in a pandemic. COVID cases across the country have been steadily rising again, as Americans jump the gun on relaxing restrictions. Back in February, amidst cold snowy days that kept most students inside, I spoke with the Assistant Director of Mental Health at Habif, Dr. Jordan Fields, about loneliness and isolation.

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The story of WU’s self-isolation dorms

Sophomore Carly Abramowitz’s stay in quarantine housing was “like a fever dream”: a time filled with attending classes virtually, walking around her room and throwing balls at the wall. Abramowitz was sent to quarantine housing for 14 days after spending time in close contact with friends who ended up testing positive for the virus. Sophomore […]

Julia Robbins | Contributing Writer

Staff Editorial: Mental health care at WU is inadequate

It is nearly impossible to get adequate mental health care at Habif.

News in brief: Coronavirus deemed low health risk for WU students

Executive Director of Habif Health and Wellness Center Cheri LeBlanc confirmed there is little cause for Washington University students to be concerned about the 2019-nCoV coronavirus.

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Staff Editorial: Don’t be afraid of the doctor’s office

Go to the doctor.

‘What’s Up with Weed?’ We’d like to know

As part of Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness Week, the Habif Health and Wellness Center hosted “What’s up with Weed?” a panel designed to create an open dialogue and inform students about any questions they may have on marijuana on Wednesday, April 10.

Jayla Butler | Senior Editor

The answers to all your itching and burning sex questions

Sex education isn’t something that students are guaranteed to have before coming to college. Even those who do get it are still liable to have questions while in school. Sex is even sexier when the people participating are informed, so Student Life decided to interview Ashley Kuykendall, the Sexual Health Promotion Coordinator at Habif Health and Wellness Center. She shared with us just a bit of her vast knowledge on sexual health gained from working in the field of sex ed with college students for seven years.

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