St. Louis School shooting leaves three dead, seven others injured

Two people were killed in a shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School (CVPA) in south St. Louis on Monday.

| Junior News Editor

University updates weapons policy, clarifies reporting system

Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced an update to “clarify and streamline” regulations on the possession of weapons, explosives and fireworks on campus in an email sent to the University community Tuesday.

Julia Arbanas | Staff Reporter

Op-ed: Class of 2022 statement on peaceful protests

Whether it be through the national school walkout on March 14, protests, contacting local representatives or awareness campaigns, we encourage our fellow class of 2022 members to join us in speaking out and taking action against the heinous gun violence plaguing our country.

Class of 2022 members

Staff ed: We’re not suspended, you’re suspended

Washington University administration has specifically stated that the fraternity’s current status as “permanently suspended” arose “overwhelmingly on other violations.” This might raise another question: which ones?

Our University could be safer

Washington University can set in place practically whatever policies it wants. That much is not up for debate. They banned guns, so for now let’s get over it. The question comes down to whether the school has taken measures that are effective in protecting students and whether its policies are illogical if not harmfully vague.

| Forum Editor

How not to protest: with guns

Monday’s Washington Post ran an article about an “open carry” demonstration whereby dozens of protestors gathered on the Virginia side of the Potomac River with a variety of loaded and unloaded weaponry to protest what they view as violations of the United States Constitution. Interestingly enough, their grievances have nothing to do with the Second Amendment or gun rights whatsoever.

| Forum Editor

Guns and government

As of late, there have been several debates on campus concerning the topic of gun control. When approached with this topic, many stuffy professors like to drone on ad nauseam about court precedent. Others like to spew out endless series of statistics on crime rates and gun possession.

| Staff Columnist

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