Prop A foe who inspires Tea Party carries a recent feud with WU

In the fight over the future of public transit in St. Louis, one local man has been an inspiration to local Tea Party activists and a thorn in the side of transit advocates and Washington University students and staff.

| Enterprise Editor

2 who organized Gulag arrested in phone scheme

Wiretapping is in the news again, but this time, it’s the government whose phones are being tapped.

| News Editor

In defense of Young Americans for Liberty

On Friday, Dec. 4, Sneha Thakur’s column, “Young Americans for Liberty: Too inflammatory to be persuasive,” grossly mischaracterized our organization in a way that demonstrated both her lack of research and her underlying bias. I hope that through this article I will be able to set the record straight about the purpose and accomplishments of the Young Americans for Liberty and to refute Thakur’s misleading, factually troubled piece.

| Staff Columnist

University shuts down student mock prison camp

Members of the Washington University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty erected a mock Soviet prison camp, or gulag, in front of the Women’s Building Monday morning, but were later told by a representative from Event Services to disassemble the display.

| News Editors

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