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Reddit and weep: The WU Reddit community

Reddit is full of wonderful niche communities with discussion forums for a wide range of interests, but did you know that we have our very own Washington University subreddit?

Maddie Chiu | Contributing Writer

Survival Guide to LouFest

Over the past several years, LouFest has been growing in its quality and its popularity. It has been attracting more and more Washington University students with its strong lineups and hip, local vibe.

| Senior Scene Editor

An official guide to dorm decor

Having a place to call home in St. Louis is important to making it through the year with your peace of mind intact. It’s amazing what a few minor improvements can do to a room.

| Senior Scene Editor

Your guide to surviving finals

Laura Harvey Snack: I like to sneak food into Olin Library so that I don’t have to resort to the same foods from Whispers that I constantly eat. I generally tuck Nature Valley Dark Chocolate Granola Thins into my backpack because they’re healthy(ish) and provide energy but are still yummy. And then, of course, it’s all about coffee. The more, the better.

Scene Staff

An alternative guide to finals

Are you sick and tired of all these conventional finals guides? Are you tired of being told the right ways to study, what drinks have the most caffeine and where the best places to study are? Well, if you are, you’ve come to the right place. It’s easy to follow the rules. Going to the library, grabbing a coffee and studying gets repetitive. Is it effective?

| Forum Editor

A Casual Fan’s Guide to the Super Bowl

Admit it, you haven’t been paying attention all season. The New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday in Miami, but you’re afraid you won’t have too much to talk about at the party this weekend except the commercials. But you’re in luck, here’s some basics for this weekend’s game:

| Sports Editor

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