growing up

Re-watching childhood films enables deeper understanding of their messages

“Ratatouille” is about finding one’s identity when confronted with new worlds; “Lilo and Stitch” about making new families and loneliness; “Up,” at least ostensibly, about what adventure means and growing up.

Pranaya Pahwa | Staff Writer

“Time to get back to work”

Here we are, back at school. For some reason completely beyond all semblance of rational thought, we have returned to St. Louis, the city that is cold, unforgiving and—according to my entire family—dangerous as hell.

| Forum Editor

I will never wear girls’ jeans again

They are too tight, too uncomfortable, and my thighs are too big, but it was for Halloween, and I chose to be a hipster. My friends and I planned it two or three weeks in advance: We would dress up as random counterculture groups and beg for candy at the Central West End as a nostalgic act of silliness.

| Staff Columnist

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