‘It’s almost become a public forum’: How the class of 2023’s GroupMe evolved over a tumultuous year

The GroupMe for the class of 2023, once benign, has now turned into a source of entertainment for many, featuring frequent arguments, personal drama and sometimes blatant racism.

| Staff Writer

Virtual bingo and 1000-person group chats: How WU freshmen are finding creative ways to meet

In a time where we have all been asked to balance safety and socializing, perhaps no one has felt the strain of this task more than the University’s freshmen.

| Contributing Writer

Asians and Pacific Islanders Demanding Justice hosts ‘Occupy Umrath’ event responding to GroupMe controversy

Asian and Pacific Islanders Demanding Justice (APIDJ) hosted the event to address racially insensitive messages sent in the Umrath first floor GroupMe Sept. 30. It was designed to create a safe space for Asian and Pacific Islanders and other students to discuss the incident and to share their experiences as minority students on campus.

| Contributing Reporter

Staff editorial: The conversation doesn’t stop with apologies

Offensive ideas are not new to campus. Communities of color deal with problematic comments and behaviors constantly. Why does it take one of those comments going viral on campus to get a response?

Campus community responds to GroupMe controversy

The staff of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori White responded to the Umrath Hall floor GroupMe controversy in separate statements emailed to the student body Oct. 3 and 4, respectively.

Aiden Blinn | News Editor

Insensitive GroupMe messages prompt anger, apologies from senders

A series of insensitive messages in the Umrath Hall first floor GroupMe prompted backlash on social media and led to apologies from the messages’ authors this week.

| Editor-in-Chief

‘You’re the pizza guy’: Inside the class of 2022’s GroupMe boom

While a thousand students in one room is seen as a mob, a thousand students in one group chat is seen as a bonding opportunity.

Hannah Hoffmann | Freshman Press Writer

‘I broke the bed:’ Awkward sound bites for an awkward week

A few notes: My roommate and I had chosen random. Neither of us were active on social media. We had texted one another only twice: once for brief introductions and once to coordinate dorm shopping.

Jonah Goldberg | Freshman Press Writer

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