University in negotiations with St. Louis Bike Share

The St. Louis launch of Bike Share, a joint venture between bike-sharing companies Ofo and Limebike, is expected to come to Washington University’s campus, the University announced April 16.

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Loop eateries increase sustainability, area named Green Dining District

For diners looking for environmentally conscious options, the Delmar Loop is now home to twelve Green Dining Alliance-certified restaurants that go the extra mile to promote sustainable practices.

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Eco to-nowhere: Transition not bridge to greener pastures

Hot on the eco-friendly heels of Paws & Go’s plastic bag embargo, Wash. U. student group Net Impact aims to implement an expansion of its Eco To-Go box initiative.

Green Cup winners announced

The Green Cup was more successful this year than last, said Director of Sustainability Phil Valko, and he hopes the success will carry through the rest of the year. The Green Cup is a competition amongst the Washington University Residential Colleges and the fraternities to see which can decrease their energy consumption by the highest […]

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Green is trying to kill me

I’m all for respecting the environment. Green is good. I love the efforts Wash. U. puts into sustainability. But a change that I’ve recently become aware of is simply ridiculous. Whispers Café is now a place where you can die of dehydration. I was walking to class one afternoon, and decided to stop in quickly for some water. It was hot out.

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Editorial Cartoon: September 15, 2011

Environmentalism and the arts

Picasso is well known for his Blue Period, but can contemporary art sustain a Green Period? On Wednesday at 4 p.m., speakers from Washington University and the local community will meet to discuss the relationship between the arts and the environment. Those who attend will participate and guide the discussion.

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WU goes green: JKL and Sigma Chi win campus contest

The residential college JKL and fraternity Sigma Chi won a trophy, but not for any athletic feat. They were the winners of the first Green Cup competition. Washington University tried to cut down on energy consumption by pitting all of the South 40 Residential Colleges against each other, and all of the fraternity houses against each other.

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ResLife prepares to go green

Students gather in College Hall to kick off the Green Cup. The competition pits residential colleges, fraternity houses and the North Side against each other in various sustainability-promoting contests.

Campus Sustainability Day unknown to students

Two activities will be offered to the few students aware that today is Campus Sustainability Day. The rest of the student body will not even know it is going on.

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