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Brookings Residential College and Sigma Alpha Epsilon win Green Cup divisions

Brookings Residential College and Sigma Alpha Epsilon took home the wins in this year’s Green Cup, which saw nearly double the amount of energy reduction compared to last year’s event.

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Annual Green Cup leads to record high energy reductions

This year’s Green Cup resulted in a greater amount of energy reduction than has been seen in any of the past years.

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‘Mount Trashmore’ to draw increased attention to recycling

Students walking by the Clocktower this week may be surprised to see giant bins of trash lining their path. The trash bins, deemed “Mount Trashmore,” are a part of Recyclemania, a two-month-long college competition consisting of more than 400 universities to see which school is able to recycle and compost the most of its trash.

Green Cup brings darkness, diligence to WU campuses

It’s not easy being green, but there are rewards for those who do make the commitment. Junior Henry Ellison, president of Sigma Nu fraternity, which won last year’s Green Cup, said that house residents went to great lengths for their victory. “The brotherhood was really passionate about saving power,” Ellison said.

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Sigma Chi members shocked, disappointed by Green Cup second place

A cohort of around 10 members of the Sigma Chi fraternity expressed surprise and discontent when Justin Carroll, associate vice chancellor for students, announced their second-place finish in this year’s Green Cup competition with 24 points. Sigma Nu took the gold, scoring a total of 28 points.

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The invisible Green Cup

Most students are familiar with the efforts of Washington University to “go green” and make its practices more sustainable. Perhaps its biggest event to increase environmentally-friendly habits among Wash. U. students is the Green Cup.

University should incentivize & publicize sustainibility efforts

If you missed the article in the Record and signs next to bike racks around campus, you probably missed the fact that April is Car-Free Month and that the University is holding its Car-Free Challenge for 11 days of this month (from April 16-27).

Apparent energy reductions follow Green Cup

In the month after the Green Cup finished, energy use in on-campus dorms continued to fall, according to figures released by the Office of Sustainability earlier this week. The figures show a reduction in energy use in March compared to January in every on-campus dorm, with many dorms reducing use in March compared even to February, when the Green Cup was going on.


The Green Cup’s strengths, potential and limitations

Student Life ran an article today regarding the Green Cup, its viability going forward, and whether or not students will continue the gains they made during the four weeks in February.

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Green Cup winners announced

The Green Cup was more successful this year than last, said Director of Sustainability Phil Valko, and he hopes the success will carry through the rest of the year. The Green Cup is a competition amongst the Washington University Residential Colleges and the fraternities to see which can decrease their energy consumption by the highest […]

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