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Delta Gamma sorority ceases operations on campus as national organization withdraws charter

Delta Gamma will no longer operate on campus, after their national organization voted to withdraw their charter.

| Senior Scene Editor

Opinion Submission: If you abolish Greek life, you don’t do anything positive

It’s safe to say that a vocal group of students at WashU want to abolish Greek life. Why?

| Class of 2020

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 12: Greek Life rush season begins

While leaders of Greek Life organizations have had to modify the rush process because of the omicron variant, criticisms of structural inequities within the Greek Life system have also led to reforms in this year’s spring rush.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Tensions heat up over Greek Life as spring recruitment kicks off

According to the Women’s Panhellenic Association (WPA) and the Interfraternity Council (IFC), as of Jan. 24, 530 individuals have filled out this spring’s Greek Life interest form, nearly double the total of 300 new members who joined WPA and IFC organizations last spring.

and | Staff Reporter and Managing Editor

Opinion Submission: For space equity, dehouse WashU fraternities

By allowing WashU fraternities on-campus housing, the University prioritizes primarily wealthy, white students. Using these houses as affinity spaces would create a more equal campus.

| Student Union President | with Undersigned Student Leaders

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 10: Voter turnout jumps in SU elections

This fall’s 34% voter turnout came after many years when turnout stayed below 25%.

| Staff Reporter

Staff Editorial: How your participation in Greek Life enables continued harm

After outcry against the systemic oppression Greek Life perpetuates, more than half of sorority and fraternity members dropped. Now, those same organizations are making a comeback – but we shouldn’t let them.

Izagani Omega Pi: WU’s first ‘fratority’ promotes student bonding

Freshman Izagani Aquino created Izagani Omega Pi, the University’s first “fratority,” to help freshmen find community during this transitional period of their lives.

| Staff Writer

SU’s most competitive fall election in years sees an uptick to 34% voter turnout

A dispute over Greek Life and new measures to increase engagement drove turnout up to 34% in SU’s fall election

| Managing Editor

What’s at stake in the SU fall elections

Key issues include the future of Greek Life and mental health on campus.

and | News Editors

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