There’s more to Writing 1 than meets the eye

As an instructor of Writing 1, among other courses, I firmly believe in the benefit of my profession to the students whom it is my job and my privilege to teach. As another academic year wraps up, I’d like to address some common misconceptions about CWP 1 in recent Student Life editorials, which represent opinions that I hear more generally.

Michael O'Bryan | Writing 1 Professor

How to get properly laid at W.I.L.D.: A grammatical guide

Dear Wash. U., Now that we’ve been going steady for a year, I feel we’ve reached the point in our relationship where the honeymoon period is over.

| Copy Chief

In where do I fit?

I have a tendency to use semicolons in text messages. It’s a compulsion, really, that I associate with my childhood affliction—an obsession with grammar

| Staff Columnist

The grammar police

Weeeooo weeeooo weeeooo! We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up and your spell-checker turned off! The grammar police have a warrant for your arrest! Okay, so perhaps grammar errors aren’t as serious as that, but they can be incredibly detrimental to your academic reputation and to your ability to communicate effectively. The […]

| Staff Columnist

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