Graffiti paints a much-needed portrait of the human experience

Creating a new piece of art each day at his New York residence, the notorious street artist called Banksy enthralled the public. The art world anxiously wondered what each piece would look like and what type of social commentary would be made. Luckily, Banksy’s works did not disappoint.

| Aaron Hall | Contributing Writer

Open letter from The Bunny

Dear Graffiti Artist(s), I know you better than you might think. I see you walk past me on the way to the library, wearing your Wash. U. sweatpants. I’ve stared at you lounging on the green grass. And I sat helplessly on my haunches last Friday night as you desecrated and defiled me. I’ve never done anything bad to you, mostly because I don’t do anything, period.

Graffiti messages near Underpass target SU agenda

While peppy signs plastered throughout campus welcomed freshmen to Washington University, an unknown number of people greeted students with a message of their own on the first day of classes: “This today is gone tomorrow…Don’t screw it up.” Students walking to class from the South 40 encountered a montage of unauthorized graffiti spray painted on […]

| News Staff

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