Graduate school

SU president collaborates with student governments across the nation to advocate for accommodations in graduate school admissions process

With many students’ lives disrupted or completely upended by the COVID-19 crisis, many have taken advantage of the University’s recently-expanded pass/fail policies.

Noah Slaughter | Staff Reporter

Wash. U. graduate school, explained

Washington University’s graduate students make up half of the total student population, but to undergraduates especially, the Graduate School and its students can seem to be shrouded in a cloud of mystery.

Kathleen White | Contributing Reporter

What Wash. U. has taught seniors

It’s not over yet but for seniors struggling to figure out what to do with their lives—or at least for some time after they get their college diplomas in two months—it may feel alarmingly close. The pink granite walls of Wash. U. can be insulating from the world outside but at some point we all peek out and realize just what we’re facing­.

Sophia Fox-Dichter | | Contributing Reporter

Whatever happened to…Rider Strong?

We all remember Rider Strong, best known for his role as Shawn Hunter on “Boy Meets World.” He was the best friend, the sidekick, the bad boy who dealt with all the crap necessary for a comedy/drama/family series about kids growing up.

Elena Wandzilak | Contributing Writer

Architecture school ranked 4th in nation

A recent ranking of architecture schools placed Washington University’s Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, part of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, fourth in the nation. The ranking of “America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools” was published by Greenway Communications last week.

| News Editor

As graduation approaches, employment trends emerge

As the school year comes to a close, seniors can be heard chatting around campus about their post-graduation plans. Usually about 30-40 percent of graduating students enroll in graduate or professional school for the year following their graduation, according to Mark Smith, director of the Career Center. Another third of the students enroll in graduate school within five years of graduation.

| Assignment Editor

Junior Jumpstart expanding beyond pre-health students

As students’ academic and career interests grow to be more diverse, Washington University has made upgrades to its career counseling program, Junior Jumpstart, in hopes of meeting students’ needs. Junior Jumpstart is a one-day conference for third-year students to explore their career interests after final exams in May.

| Staff Reporter

ETS offers personality test for graduate admissions

Educational Testing Service, the company that administers the Graduate Record Exam, is offering a new personality index tool for graduate applications this fall for a fee of $20 per report, but most schools are waiting to see if it is worthwhile.

| Staff Reporter

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