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U.S. history and civics should be a required college class

Universal suffrage and the overarching impact that government has on all people means that civics should be prioritized.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Why I’m ‘uncomfortable’ with the NSA Surveillance Program

On August 21, U.S. intelligence officials released a heavily redacted 2011 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court opinion from its then-Chief Judge John Bates.

| Senior Forum Editor

Obama budget proposal prioritizes research, education

President Barack Obama’s federal budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year shows that the president has heard the outcry of research institutions like Washington University suffering cutbacks from sequestration. But in the day since its announcement, the budget has already garnered opposition from both political parties.

| Senior News Editor

Hurricane Dumbo: The GOP’s vision for disaster relief

Hurricane Irene is over, thank God. Much of the student body is from the East Coast or has family and friends there, so knowing that the worst has passed brings a great sigh of relief to the concerned (and those who have taken in people fleeing the destruction).

| Senior Forum Editor

Increase quality, not price of citizenship

For the price we pay, we expect a great deal of benefits from the University. For the most part, the school delivers. But imagine if Washington University consisted of unresponsive teachers, poor job placement, fewer services, and unnecessary departments that yielded little benefit to students. And, on top of that, they asked for a substantial tuition increase.

| Staff Columnist

The trains: Time for change

For a country that has always been proud of its history, America has the reputation of leaving behind one of its most important cultural artifacts. Project yourself back to the end of the 19th Century: merchandises, food, people and machines, zipping (although chugging would perhaps be a more apt term) across the Great Plains and the Manufacturing Belt.

| Staff Columnist

College Government Collaborative to take projects beyond the bubble

Last year, sophomore Mamatha Challa was a new Student Union senator trying to work out a bike-sharing plan. She had to research what other universities had similar plans and where they succeeded and failed. Contact with other schools was sporadic, and the research took a long time.

| Senior News Editor

More loans are not the answer

Amid the tumultuous debate of the health care reform bill, an important issue fell by the wayside. Since 1965, private banks have received subsidies from the federal government in order to support lending to students for higher education.

CS40 elects new government, sees declined interest in office

The South 40 government is about to undergo a regime change. Approximately 700 inhabitants of the residential area voted for candidates in the 2010-2011 Congress of the South 40 (CS40) executive board elections last week. Voter turnout this year has declined compared to last year.

| Contributing Reporter

Guns and government

As of late, there have been several debates on campus concerning the topic of gun control. When approached with this topic, many stuffy professors like to drone on ad nauseam about court precedent. Others like to spew out endless series of statistics on crime rates and gun possession.

| Staff Columnist

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