Gosha Guppy

‘A good song is forever’: Gosha Guppy on his new music video and being a full-time rapper while in college

If his new music video is any indication of what’s next, then Gosha Guppy is on his way to turning his music into a lifestyle that established fans and new listeners alike will want to experience. 

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WashU Records: ‘It’s all about the artists’

Washington University’s music scene is growing, and with that growth comes a need for an outlet to showcase the musical talent on this campus in all its forms. That new outlet is WashU Records. WashU Records is Wash. U.’s on-campus, student-run record label founded in fall 2018 by senior Jack Winkelman, who serves as its president.

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WU sophomore Gosha Guppy delivers exhilarating WILD performance

When Washington University sophomore Zach Bernagene, known by his stage name Gosha Guppy, stepped onto the Brookings Quadrangle stage to begin his WILD set, the excitement was palpable. Though he was the first performer of the night, students were already packed into the front row to support him, and their energy was electric.

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WILD Bingo

Fill this out and scream into the void, because apparently WILD is tomorrow and everyone but you knew. WILD responsibly!

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WU rapper Gosha Guppy discusses love, writing and album reception

Having recently released his debut rap album, freshman Zach Bernagene, also known as Gosha Guppy, performed a release show with fellow Wash. U. rappers Rob Apollo and S.B.A. on Saturday, April 13.

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