Return to sender: GO WUSTL bug causes emails to bounce back

Students should no longer have trouble with bounced-backed emails from their GO WUSTL accounts, according to Student Technology Services (STS). STS sent out an email on April 13 notifying students of an error within the GO WUSTL accounts that caused sent emails to bounce back to the sender. The solution was to recreate the deleted address records.

GO.WUSTL.edu launched Wednesday

Undergraduate and graduate students will transition to GO WUSTL e-mail accounts today, though Squirrelmail and other accounts will remain functional for the time being. The new e-mail service run by Windows Live provides online applications similar to Google documents, 25 GB of storage space, Windows Messenger and Outlook Live.

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On your mark, get set, GO WUSTL!

Say goodbye to acorns as Squirrelmail goes into hibernation. The release date for the new GO WUSTL e-mail program has been moved forward to Wednesday. A GO WUSTL pilot program has been underway since mid-January. Student Technology Services (STS) representatives said it has been a success.

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Microsoft Web program innovates student e-mail

SquirrelMail may become obsolete on the Washington University campus this semester when the University e-mail system is replaced by the GO WUSTL e-mail program.

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