Weekend Matinee: ‘Girls’ on HBO

“Girls” received a lot of attention from viewers, often male, wondering why it was important to show a fully naked Lena Dunham wandering aimlessly through an apartment or sitting on the toilet. Of course, Dunham was playing her character, Hannah, but these questions persisted.

Ayanna Harrison | Staff Writer

TV review: ‘Hello Ladies’

“Hello Ladies” brings the cringe back to television in the most awkward and comedic way. The pilot, which aired Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on HBO, began with Stuart Pritchard (Stephen Merchant) introducing himself at a bar with his classic line, “Hello, ladies,” only to be almost immediately shot down.

| Elena Wandzilak | Staff Writer

“Girls” Season Two: The Remedy for Senior Angst?

I am a second semester senior and couldn’t be more terrified of the future, which at this point I can only imagine as living in a literal cabinet in New York City, hopefully employed.

Jamie Gottlieb | Cadenza Reporter

Who do you dress for?

Evidence shows that there are two types of girls: The girls who dress for men and the girls who dress for themselves.

Monica Mendal | Scene Fashion Columnist

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