Sweet treats and tips: 6 cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas to wow your special someone

Don’t know what to get your significant other? No worries, because I do. Here are some rad gift ideas for the first Valentine’s Day of the decade:

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The Winter Farmers Market at Schlafly Bottleworks

Need a scented candle? Some gourmet cheese? A hand-crafted ring perhaps? Well, you’re in luck because during select Saturdays this season, St. Louis brewery Schlafly Bottleworks is transforming into a magical Winter Farmers Market where you can get all these delightful treats and more.

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A guide to holiday shopping at the WU Campus Bookstore

We’re almost there. The semester is near its end, and consequently, you are so close to not having to think about school for one blissful month. But you know what that means? You have to start thinking about holiday gifts. Luckily for you, we have taken the time to compile a list of great gifts from the bookstore.

Fashionable Valentine’s gifts for him

Though we hate to admit it, ladies, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about us. As the new year is just getting started, you may have resolved to spread happiness and joy to others. Start with this holiday—instead of sitting back and waiting to be pampered and treated (though I do hope you get lots of presents and a great meal next Monday), be proactive and do something for your special someone.

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Political gifts for the holiday season

Holiday season is upon us as we give gifts to those around us who have made our lives great.

Daniel Fishman | Staff Columnist

Spreading holiday cheer

With exams just around the corner and papers due at any moment, holiday presents have taken a backseat to studying, sleep and stressing out. With all of our creative energy being poured into these last few remaining weeks of school, there is little left over for giving original gifts. So to help relieve some of […]

| Scene Reporter

The Xmas list

When my grandparents asked me to write a Christmas list this year, I couldn’t help feeling demanding and selfish as I tried to compose a list. I felt bad ordering gifts, and I began reflecting on the materialistic implications associated with the Xmas List. The problem is that parents become slaves to the Xmas List. […]

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