Inclusivity in sexuality: Washington University’s first ‘[Blank] Monologues’

As today’s society strives for equality, “[Blank] Monologues” gives a platform for college students to educate their peers and break down taboo surrounding genitalia and sexuality.

Leah Hardgrove | Staff Writer

Physics students discuss department’s ongoing lack of women

Washington University’s physics department currently employs zero tenured or tenure-track women faculty, a statistic emblematic of the department’s gender disparity in both the number of students and professors.

| Staff Reporter

Putting Trump’s letter in perspective

In the past week, the Trump administration has issued a letter to public schools that effectively withdrew initiatives put in place by Barack Obama, which established that public schools cannot prohibit students from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

| Staff Writer

On the importance of gender-inclusive housing:

The first gender-inclusive housing option at Washington University was made available in 2008 on the North Side; six years later, the only gender-inclusive housing options remain limited to the North Side and to off-campus housing. In simplest terms, it has taken the University far too long to expand its gender-inclusive housing options.

Diversity Affairs Council

Facebook expanded its gender options, and your opinion is wrong

Facebook recently expanded its gender options to accommodate those who identify outside the gender binary, or those who identify as something other than simply “male” or “female.” As someone who happily identifies as female (and always has), this decision does not affect me in any way whatsoever. And I think this decision is wonderful.

| Contributing Writer

Students denied gender-inclusive housing request: Residential Life working toward new policies

Four freshmen students sent a proposal to Residential Life last month asking for gender-neutral housing on the South 40 but were denied the opportunity to proceed in the petition process.

| Staff Reporter

NCAA deserves heat, but it’s not alone

Now that Texas A&M University quarterback Johnny Manziel and Oklahoma State University have joined the party, the guest list for figures and schools debunking the Division I amateurism myth continues to expand. Hopefully, everyone outside the NCAA is no longer under the illusion of laborers for multi-billion dollar enterprises being something other than employees. A […]

| Senior Sports Editor

First Genderqueer Week aims to break down barriers

Next week, the Student Forum on Sexuality (X-Magazine) and Safe Zones will present Washington University’s first ever Genderqueer Week.

| Managing Editor

Want to hear a joke?

While perusing Facebook today, I came across a group that a number of my friends “like.” The page presents a query more or less on par with the questions of God’s existence and what happens to the light in the fridge when you close the door. If the question “Why do women buy watches when there’s a clock on the oven?

| Staff Columnist

Wash. U., the gay way

As some of you already know, and all of you are going to find out, Wash. U. exists in a bubble—a bubble where people can be comfortable and be respected for who they are.

| Pride Alliance President

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