Lego must change its stereotypically masculine ways

Legos cling to sexist representations, whether we like to admit it or not. Even as the company slowly begins to crawl toward progress, Legos are still largely built for young white males.

| Staff Writer

Editorial Cartoon (4/15): Hen

Jackie Reich | Student Life

On the front lines of equality

On Thursday, Jan. 24, the Pentagon officially lifted the military’s ban on women serving in combat. This opens up more than 200,000 jobs that were previously unavailable to women, including serving on front lines and in special operation units such as the Navy SEALs.

Rachel Westrate | Student Life

Trans* Week highlights need for improvement

For junior Wolf Smith, who is fluid between multiple gender identities, the choice between the male and female restroom is not so easy. The co-founder and co-facilitator of Transcending Gender prefers to use gender-neutral restrooms, but those can be difficult to locate on the Washington University campus.

| News Editor

ResLife expands gender-neutral housing program

Washington University’s Office of Residential Life has decided to expand gender-neutral housing to the entire North Side, including the Village, Millbrook, Village East and the off-campus apartments, following a series of deliberations. The housing will be available in the fall and can be applied for in the current round of the housing process.

| News Editor

SU lobbies for expansion of gender-neutral housing

Student Union Senate passed a resolution Wednesday recommending that the Office of Residential Life expand its gender-neutral housing program. The proposal seeks to make gender-neutral housing, currently offered by the Office of Residential Life (ResLife) under a limited pilot program, an available option for all upperclass housing on the North Side and for all off-campus, […]

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