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Wash. U. to help fund greenway connecting Forest Park to Gateway Arch

Great Rivers Greenway, an organization dedicated to constructing greenways—scenic outdoor spaces connecting areas of the city—is hosting a design competition to help create “Chouteau Greenway,” an area that will connect Forest Park to the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

| Contributing Reporter

Can we talk about the Arch, and whatnot?

I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve never been to the Arch. In my four years as a student here at Washington University, I have never actually seen the symbol of this wonderful city in person. I also don’t feel too bad about it. Why is the Arch so important? Seriously, it’s just an arch.

| Senior Forum Editor

How to keep your family occupied in St. Louis

Are you sick of waiting around for graduation with family members invading your personal space? St. Louis may not have Times Square or the Golden Gate Bridge, but it still has plenty of attractions. Scene has selected four locations to entertain them and keep the pressure off of you.

Scene Staff

International design competition to rebuild Arch grounds by 2015

In 2015, a newly designed modern park will showcase a St. Louis historic icon: the Gateway Arch. A 10-month international design competition that started in December 2009 will select a winning architectural design among portfolios submitted by professionals around the country and the world.

| Staff Reporter

Freshman Press: Where to go…? Hot spots to hit before classes!

So where are students planning to go and what are they going to do during these days?

| Freshman Press Reporters

Obama rally at Arch draws 100K

The area around Liberty Memorial and the Gateway Arch was crowded with 100,000 people on Saturday afternoon, all of whom had a single intent: to see Barack Obama.

| Contributing Reporter

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