SU displays abuse of power in Bauhaus cut

On March 4, Student Union put a damper on the impending spring breaks of architecture students. In a stunning move, Treasury and Senate passed a general budget that eliminated direct funding for Bauhaus. The general budget increased funding for class councils and Social Programming Board, both of which are very visible spenders of the student activities fee.

Government sequester limits University research opportunities

Eight months after the federal government’s sequester went into effect, Washington University is still feeling the effects of budget cuts to research funding.

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KWUR: An apology

KWUR doesn’t have a great reputation at Washington University. To many, its DJs come across as self-serving, and it is often thought of as an insular community. At Wash. U., where a third of the student body involves itself in the Greek system, this isn’t a great façade to project, and it is the cause of some of the group’s financial woes.

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Narrow margins mark spring SU election results

LNYF – worth it

The recent revelation that Lunar New Year Festival was allocated $5,500 by Student Union for a fireworks display has enraged many students. Criticisms leveled against LNYF and Student Union were that the spending was wasteful, that SU privileges cultural groups over all others and that $5,500 was an obscene amount of money to be spent on an event.

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SU Treasury approves funding for Legend, Vergara and Chua

Student Union Treasury voted to allocate $105,569 to bring John Legend, Sofia Vergara and Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School and author of “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, to campus in a meeting flooded by about 100 students Tuesday night.

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Dissecting the budget

The proposed Student Union budget for 2011-2012 will be presented to Senate and Treasury on Wednesday for a vote. The joint SU session will be held in Simon Hall at 9 p.m. and will be open to all students.

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Keep funding for Title X

Last Wednesday, the House Appropriations Committee announced in a press release that it would cut $327 million worth of federal funding for Title X, a resolution that the House of Representatives is expected to vote on next week.

Danforth plant center receives millions in stimulus money

The results of the stimulus bill are still being felt at Washington University and the surrounding region. Renewable fuel research in St. Louis got a big boost in mid-January when it was announced that the area would receive millions of dollars in stimulus money.

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WU continues pushing for Metro funding

Metro’s service cutbacks may have gone into effect, but that’s not stopping a number of Washington University students and administrators from continuing to advocate funding for the transit agency.

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