Staff Editorial: How to do Spring Break without breaking the bank

We as an Editorial Board got together and laid out some fun things to do over Spring Break that are within a reasonable price range and doable wherever you spend your break.

Grammys 2013 preview

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards are this weekend on CBS, and Cadenza will be watching along with the rest of America. Justin Timberlake, Elton John and Rihanna are among the performers, with Jennifer Lopez and triumphant halftime queen Beyoncé slated as presenters. Here are our predictions for the major categories. Album of the Year “El […]

“Some Nights” | fun.

The name “fun.” does not just make a statement; it also refers to a relatively new indie rock band that just released its second studio album. Although fun. formed in 2008, “Some Nights” is their first album to be released on a major record label. Fueled by Ramen, the band’s record label, made a smart choice signing fun.

| Cadenza Reporter

Don’t forget to have fun

As a journalist, I always try to keep my own voice out of my writing and strive to finish everything on deadline. For this column, I have broken both of those rules. Sitting and reflecting on my time at Wash. U., I’ve drawn a blank on what to write about here.

| Former Editor-in-Chief

In defense of fun

Recently, I have been finding friends of mine complaining to me that they are not enjoying things that they do. This boggles my mind.
Why would you ever do anything that is not fun? That is what I ask them. The answers are invariably some form of either “I don’t know” or “because I have to.” Neither of those is a sufficient reason to do something unenjoyable.

| Staff Columnist


Friendly service, fun ambiance and respectable food: It’s all part of the experience at the Hill’s famous bakery and sandwich shop, Amighetti’s.

| Scene Reporter

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