Musings from a trip to Thai Country Café

Bright red lights flickering “Thai Country Café” ushered me towards a quaint restaurant nestled in the middle of the Delmar Loop. With the ring of a bell as I opened the door, an employee emerged from the back of the restaurant, walking toward me across the white-tiled floor. 

| Staff Writer

Bring back Orientation Week Energy

Now, when I pass students hurrying to class, I do recognize more faces and give a friendly nod or wave. But I also hardly glance at the people I don’t already know.

| Staff Writer

The curse of loving white people

Junior year we tried to go on, not talking about politics and trying to enjoy each other’s presence, but by senior year, I was deriding him as a bigot and he was dismissing me as a Social Justice Warrior. What little civility we shared was pushed to the brink by the election of Donald Trump.

| Senior Editor

Don’t get lost in the crowd: Individuality versus a hive mentality

In regards to the group, difference is natural, difference is normal and difference will remain despite the similarities that stand, no matter how overwhelming their presence.

| Senior Forum Editor

No, this seat isn’t taken

I won’t be disturbed, creeped out or think you’re some kind of psycho if you ask to sit at my table if I don’t know you.

Tyler Sabloff | Staff Writer

Claudia’s Counsel: I have a friend who always crashes my plans with other people. How do I stop this from happening?

It’s tricky trying to create plans with a set group of friends and feel like you’re not being exclusive. No one wants to feel like he’s shutting someone out, and no one wants to be shut out. At the same time, it can be frustrating and feel like a breach of personal space when a friend consistently includes himself in your plans when he is not welcome.

| Staff Writer

Claudia’s Counsel: I have a friend who lies a lot. He’ll seem like he’s telling the truth, but then later I find out that he lied—what should I do?

Ultimately, if this behavior continues and consistently upsets you, it may be time to reconsider the friendship. Such an ingrained habit is not likely to change any time soon—simply telling the other person to cut the crap does not guarantee that your friend will change his ways once and for all.

| Scene Editor

QUESTION: “I’m new to Wash.U. How do I show that I’m likable and get people to be my friend?”

This week on Claudia’s Counsel: “I’m new to Wash. U. How do I show that I’m likable and get people to be my friend?”

| Scene Editor

The value of friends

How do you judge the value of friendship? People get married everyday with the belief that they’ve committed their lives to a best friend. To become someone’s best friend, certain traits need to be developed.

| Staff Columnist


Our friends are the unsung heroes of our lives. They have this sort of magical knowledge that lets them instantly tell if you are upset, how upset you are and exactly what to do to make you feel better.

| Scene Columnist

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