freshman year

Finding Belonging in College

The new faces, while familiar, don’t compare to our friends and family from back home. In short, budding college friendships might not resonate deeply at this point. Yet, it would be impossible to expect them to. 

| Contributing Writer

Let’s cut the bull — freshman year can be really hard

I am tired of feeling uncomfortable where I live and missing everyone from home. But, most of all, it is so easy to feel like I am missing something everyone else has.

| Contributing Writer

‘It’s kind of my journey on the way of adulting’: How freshmen who spent the fall semester at home have adjusted to an in-person spring

For freshmen who had attended classes remotely for their first semester of college, getting a first look at campus wasn’t something done in short sleeves and T-shirts, but rather under the many layers of clothing necessary for the bitter St. Louis conditions of mid-January.

| Staff Writer

Virtual bingo and 1000-person group chats: How WU freshmen are finding creative ways to meet

In a time where we have all been asked to balance safety and socializing, perhaps no one has felt the strain of this task more than the University’s freshmen.

| Contributing Writer

On fear of doing things (and missing out)

I have diagnosed myself with Fear of Doing Things, FODT. FODT is the unsexy cousin of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). She is almost as unappealing linguistically as she is in practice.

Mia LaBarge | Contributing Writer

Dear introverted first-years, it gets better

Many act like introversion is some sort of disease that needs to be cured, a massive character flaw that keeps you from being a full member of society. If you aren’t outgoing, it seems, it is simply because you’re lazy and rude for not loving to talk to everyone.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Finding a fulfilling freshman first semester

Before coming to Washington University, I couldn’t tell you how many times an adult came up to me and said, “College will be great; you’re just going to love it.” It was nice to have those words of encouragement, but after a while I started to feel like I was being burdened with a cliche of late-adolescent life. The “college is the best, therefore you must be happy or else” mantra has become so entirely prevalent in teenage culture. If you asked Wash. U. students what their take was on their first year, I think many would tell you that being at this place is incredible. But, as you may have seen on Yik Yak, Wash U Confessions or in the New York Times, there is an element of adversity that we all have to go through.

| Staff Columnist

It was all Greek to me: What we discovered about sororities by joining them

As the semester comes to a close, hundreds of Washington University women are completing their first semesters as members of the Greek community. Joining a sorority, though a common choice on campus, often brings with it unexpected elements. It seems that many women don’t know what to expect from their experience.

Scene Staff

Roommates from different backgrounds find common ground

Several studies about roommate over the summer fount that interracial roommates can reduce students’ prejudices and broaden their friend circles.

| News Editor

Freshman Press: I may be in Missouri, but I’m not in Kansas anymore

I have spent the last 18 years of my life surrounded by cornfields, singing to farmhands about happy little blue birds and traversing the space to and beyond rainbows and other light-induced phenomena (I exaggerate, but only a bit). The song is over now and I find myself translated to an unfamiliar world with a new pair of shoes—they aren’t ruby, but I’ll get over it.

| Freshman Press Columnist

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