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‘You’re the pizza guy’: Inside the class of 2022’s GroupMe boom

While a thousand students in one room is seen as a mob, a thousand students in one group chat is seen as a bonding opportunity.

Hannah Hoffmann | Freshman Press Writer

You’re not the only one: Getting used to a new ‘home’

When I told my parents of my interest in Washington University, one of their first questions was “Where’s that?” Revealing the fact that it’s all the way in Missouri, they (understandably) admitted some concerns.

Josie Robinson | Freshman Press Writer

‘I broke the bed:’ Awkward sound bites for an awkward week

A few notes: My roommate and I had chosen random. Neither of us were active on social media. We had texted one another only twice: once for brief introductions and once to coordinate dorm shopping.

Jonah Goldberg | Freshman Press Writer

A first-year’s guide to restaurants, study spots and more

From food recommendations to where to buy those last-minute dorm room supplies, I have all the right answers! OK, in all honesty, I had major help from some more experienced Washington University students because, let’s face it, I’m pretty much as clueless as you are.

Christine Watridge | Freshman Press Writer

Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld:’ The sound of new beginnings

Rap music is the sound of a people, and the sound of a generation. Rap is the voice of hip-hop. Rising as the sound of New York in the 60s, black and brown youth used this art form as a means to respond to the world around them, be it racism, destitution and urban brutality among other issues.

Sabrina Spence | Freshman Press Writer

From blues to hip-hop: Music lover’s guide to St. Louis

Dubbed the gateway to the West, St. Louis sits at the center of the United States, enabling the city to absorb the cultures of its surrounding cities.

Katherine Dawson | Freshman Press Writer

Keep your eyes on the horizon

It goes without saying that a person giving advice to incoming freshmen should probably be at least a sophomore or junior. It doesn’t make much sense for someone who hasn’t even started college yet to give advice about doing so.

Ben Fishman | Freshman Press Writer

Does Explore really make your transition to college easier?

During Explore, students gather in specific groups to become familiar with various clubs and activities as well as the campus as a whole. Thus, students can have a headstart in making friends prior to the semester’s beginning. But this early exposure to a group of people comes to a question: Is this helpful or not?

Bright Chong | Freshman Press Writer

First-years: Have a seat

The moment I stepped into my freshman dorm, my breath was taken away by the majesty of it all: The mirrored closets, the geometric carpet patterns, the Victorian-styled woodgrain furniture. However, with a single turn of the head, my moment was ruined. I saw the chair.

Thomas Humphrey | Freshman Press Writer

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