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Opinion Submission: A critique of the Bear Day protest

In an environment where discussions about justice are as pressing and urgent as ever, activists fighting for their causes need to invite as many people into the conversation as possible. Doing so should involve convincing people why they should care, not admonishing them for their complacency.

| Class of 2024

Three students suspended after protesting at admissions event 

Three Washington University students have been suspended by administration after participating in a pro-Palestine protest that disrupted a Bear Day event for admitted students on April 13. 

and | Managing News Editor and News Editor

Student demonstration in solidarity of suspended peers disbanded by administrators

Around 30 students stood outside the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to express support for senior RJ Lucas, who was suspended from Washington University following the pro-Palestine Bear Day protest. The students demonstrated while Lucas was meeting with the student conduct board around 2:45 p.m., April 17. 

| Editor-In-Chief

Chancellor Martin and USC Law Professor teach free speech course

Chancellor Andrew Martin and Lee Epstein, Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Southern California, jointly taught a two-day lecture class that focused on the history and significance of freedom of expression on college campuses, March 29 and 30.  The course was first taught in 2020 and is now an 100-seat 1-credit class with […]

Pro-Palestine art piece displayed outside Steinberg Hall, WUPD called

A student’s pro-Palestine art piece was placed on the outside of Steinberg Hall as part of a critique for their sculpture art class on Dec. 6. 

| Junior News Editor

Chancellor publishes statement on “free speech and responsibility”

Chancellor Andrew Martin published an online statement about free speech and responsibility amid community activism related to violence in Israel and in Palestine. Nov 29. 

In his statement, Martin condemned the phrase “from the river to the sea,” which elicited responses of support from those who say it is antisemitic and opposition from those who say it is a Palestinian liberation chant. 

, and | Junior News Editor, Senior News Editors

University ranks No. 135 on College Pulse’s 2024 College Free Speech Rankings

Washington University ranked No. 135 in College Pulse’s 2024 College Free Speech Rankings amongst 248 ranked colleges. The university received a score of 45.26 out of 100 points, leading its speech climate to be categorized as average.

| Contributing Writer

Sympathy for the devil: Amala Ekpunobi and the free speech dilemma

There is no good way to resist a demon but to ruthlessly examine what we believe and why we believe it, lest we uncritically accept ideas that are not ours.

| Staff Writer

Opinion Submission: Diversity of thought doesn’t include hate

I cannot understand the choice to bring Amala Ekpunobi, a transphobic content creator for PragerU, to Washington University’s campus (nor can I understand paying almost $11,000 for her). As a member of the SU Treasury, I spent hours combing through Ekpunobi’s videos, and they seem to show a clear contempt for the identities that many people hold on this campus.

| Student Union Activities Committee Chair

First amendment law professor decries Martin’s approach to free speech, citing “far greater harm” than flag removal

A prominent WU law professor criticized Chancellor Martin’s decisions addressing the removal of commemorative 9/11 flags from Mudd Field.

and | Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor

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