Staff editorial: If you want to disprove negative stereotypes, stop breaking the rules

The repeated pattern of suspensions—both temporary and permanent—amongst IFC organizations suggests that the existing sanctions are insufficient in rectifying issues related to alleged hazing or alcohol-related activities.

Staff editorial: New Greek life website encourages transparency, accountability

Moving forward, we urge the Office of Campus Life to continue making changes to improve the behavior of the Greek life organizations that it oversees, and the recent revision of social policies and the website modifications represent progress toward this goal.

Band of Brothers: Black men talk their experiences in WU’s white fraternities

To some within the black community, joining a white fraternity can be considered taboo.

| Director of Diversity Initiatives

Policy confusion in light of WPA results

When an attention-grabbing event happens, such as a fraternity being placed on social probation, a natural increase in discussion follows. With more awareness of accessible information, however, a more consistent discussion can be fostered within and between chapters. The goal is clear: Fraternity parties, and our campus as a whole, need to be safer for students.

Olivia Quinn | Contributing Writer

Campus Life hosts forum on new Greek life policies

Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Austin Sandoval-Sweeney and Executive Director for Campus Life Leslie Heusted hosted the forum to serve as a space to provide reasoning for new policy changes in addition to encouraging feedback on how they could best improve the policy to suit the needs of Greek members on campus.

Emma Baker | News Editor

Staff editorial: Student safety must stay a priority

It is close to impossible to please everyone involved when the policies themselves have the potential to affect everyone on campus. So, with all of the changes announced by both WUPD and Campus Life, it is of the utmost importance that students continue to offer their input.

Op-ed: Consider this a warning

I sat in one of the desks of a Seigle Hall classroom. It felt so public; anyone could have walked in and seen me crying as I told my story to the fraternity leadership.

Anonymous Student

Alpha Epsilon Pi investigation concluded, fraternity placed on social probation for a year

Washington University placed Alpha Epsilon Pi on a yearlong social probation following an investigation into possible alcohol-related violations, of which they were found guilty April 5.

| Senior News Editor

The one where I go to a frat party for the first time

It was time to try out my first frat party.

| Staff Writer

It’s On Us training an important step for fraternities, needs strategic implementation

It’s spring again, which means not only another season of exams and blooming tulips on our fair campus, but another season of fraternity formals. Every year, fraternities head out on the road or find a local venue to hold their event, bringing along dates.

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